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Children's Program

SCEP CENTRE's regular  program runs from September to June of each year and provides therapeutic group sessions for pre-schoolers. 


SCEP's staff are thoroughly trained in SCEP CENTRE's methods.  These methods are based on the philosophy that children should be helped to become mature citizens, that is, to act confidently, making well-informed decisions with due regard to their own needs and to the rights and needs of others.  This is to be achieved by an emphasis on reciprocal, honest communication between children and adults, and adult models of responsibility, dependability, planning, sincerity and affection.

Guidance and Support for Enrolled Families
  • Parent groups if sufficient interest

  • Individual conferences

  • Guided play sessions for parents, caregivers

  • Interagency coordination including conferences as needed

  • Case management

  • Referrals for further assessment and support as required

  • Ongoing observational assessment

  • Help for problems in interaction/behavior and to cope with anger/frustration

  • Individualized therapeutic play sessions

  • Pre-academic/academic experiences

  • Assisted transition to school programs

Daily Therapeutic Group Sessions for Preschoolers
  • Specialized play groups offered in morning or afternoon sessions

  • Small groups of up to eight children on any one half day

  • Professional interdisciplinary team of staff

  • Low staff to child ratio

  • Emphasis on language development and the importance of communication

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