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Regina's Got Talent 2023: A Resounding Success Filled with Heartfelt Performances

A Night of Talent, Community, and Generosity

Regina's Got Talent 2023, held on Sept. 23, 2023, was an unforgettable evening that showcased remarkable talent and fostered a strong sense of community. With over 200 attendees, the event was a monumental success.

Nine captivating performances graced the stage, leaving the audience captivated and inspired. Country singer, Dereck Wilson, whose soul-stirring vocals tugged at heartstrings, secured the coveted First Place title.

The People's Choice award went to the Sundown Optimist Baton group, whose dazzling light-up baton performance illuminated the night.

In a heartwarming announcement, Hydrants and Hearts pledged their support for the community by revealing plans for a landscaping project at our new home. Additionally, they generously donated $10,000 towards this initiative.

The evening was also marked by a flurry of excitement with various raffles, including the highly-anticipated treasure box, a thrilling 50/50 draw, and an engaging silent auction. The collective effort of all attendees resulted in an impressive fundraising total, with over $17,000 raised.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who attended, supported, and contributed to this remarkable evening. Your generosity and enthusiasm have truly made a difference.

Thank you for being a part of Regina's Got Talent 2023! We look forward to continuing this tradition of celebrating talent, and community, and giving back in the years to come. Check out some of the images from the night, by clicking here.

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