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SMART AND CARING FUND - Truth and Reconciliation & Cultural Inclusion Grant

February is Indigenous Storytelling Month. We’d like to take a moment to appreciate a recent grant recipient working to enhance Indigenous culture for young children in our community.

SCEP CENTRE Early Intervention & Training Services received $2,000 in 2021 from the Smart & Caring Fund. SCEP CENTRE is a preschool program that helps the development of vulnerable young children. The funding received is being used to revitalize the centre’s toys and materials to reflect the cultures of Indigenous and Newcomer children, which makes up nearly 80% of their enrollments.

The funds are enabling them to purchase culturally appropriate items including works of Indigenous/Newcomer art, music, culturally relevant toys, books, and other cultural items. These items are a way to help Indigenous and Newcomer children feel more comfortable at the centre, and ultimately help them succeed in the program and transition to school. It will also create cultural educational opportunities for non-Indigenous children.

“We will continue to learn about Indigenous/Metis culture and the importance of the land as it provides purpose to life, a strong identity, and a sense of well-being. SCEP’s Indigenous Initiative is a beginning and a process, but it is also not limited to Indigenous people. It encompasses all staff, children and families, for the benefit of our social viability and our awareness of Indigenous culture, history and language. All cultures must come together to create a society that is more respectful, caring and empathic towards one another – no matter what his or her culture.” Carla Creeley – Indigenous Advocate

SSCF sends our deepest thanks to SCEP CENTRE Society for their efforts to revitalize Indigenous culture and be inclusive to a variety of cultures through their program.

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